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Crossing the River

Grow with IDDA

A parent-to-parent network helping families face intellectual disabilities.

IDDA works to help empower families with members experiencing intellectual disabilities to create successful trajectories towards a "good life".

Families can discover strategies to overcome our unique challenges in experiencing the good life.  That's why the goal is to share as many relevant resources with families as possible.


Paulette Roseboro

IDDA Founder

Family and Caregiver Mentor, Advocate, and Coach
PCP Plan Facilitation
SDS Outcome Programming Support
DDA Certified SDS Support Broker
Prince George's County CoP Local Facilitator
Certified Ambassador, Charting the LifeCourse


Brianna Roseboro

IDDA’s and Paulette’s Inspiration

Family Walking On the Beach

Values We Uphold


We place a high value on strong work ethics when assisting all our clients. Our team is dedicated to serving you with honesty every time.


At IDDA Consulting and Network, we focus on understanding your needs and empower you to making your family experiences easier. Trust us to listen to you and help you the best we can.


Our team is dedicated to helping you understand and meet your family member’s intellectual development needs. We provide you with the information you need to survive the challenges that will come along the way.

Areas Where We Can Help

Support That Makes a Difference!

Coaching and Mentoring

More Details to Come

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Person-Centered Planning

“The Charting the LifeCourse Integrated Star is a useful tool for people, families, and teams to consider an array of integrated supports to achieve the envisioned good life, including those that are publicly or privately funded and based on eligibility, community supports that are available to anyone, relationship-based supports, technology, and also take into account the assets and strengths of the individual and family. This tool is helpful to get a more comprehensive look at all the services and supports that may exist in a person’s life, not just eligibility-specific supports like Waiver services.“ 

Image by Nathan Anderson
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

PCP Facilitation Services

Details to come

Individual Program Development and Operation Assistance

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